Back in the studio I produce paintings in mixed media or pastels using my sketches as staring points.  Sometimes I stick faithfully to the sketch, but more often the painting takes on a life of its own as each step is prompted by the previous one and can become quite abstracted.  I always think of it as a difficult balance between warm and cool colours, hard and soft edges, light and dark tones and quiet and detailed passages whilst trying to keep the original idea that prompted the sketch in mind.

I like to mix ink, watercolour and acrylics and sometimes PVA glue or collage and then by washing away parts of the painting.  Interesting textures can be created that best reflect the upland landscape that I love.  When I am satisfied with this first process I add the final details with pencil, crayon, pastel or more of the original mix.  In contrast, my pastel paintings are begun with an ink or acrylic underpainting which will partly influence the final outcome.  For example, a whitewashed building is in reality dark underneath and so, I feel, it should be painted that way in pastel.  I prefer to work with a limited palette to create a more harmonious effect and I feel a little subtlety is easier to live with.